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Our buildings are quality built and designed with maximum strength customization in mind. All our buildings are typared and are quoted with R60 cellulose ceiling insulation.

  • Quality:
    Our crews are well trained and paid by the hour, not by square foot, to ensure you get the quality building you want and pay for.

  • Strength:
    Every building we build gets built with the quality products. All our posts are spaced at 4', no 5', 6', and 8' spacing like our competition. Our posts are designed to go a minimum of 6' in the ground. Every new design gets tested and engineered.

  • Customization:
    We work with over 30 suppliers in Canada to get you the exact products your looking for. If you've seen it we can get it.

  • Options:
    • Foundation:
      Post, steel or concrete.
    • Building:
      Studd structure, post structure, steel coming soon.
    • Siding and roofing:
      Canexcel, vinyl, 40 year 29 gauge metal, 40 year 26 gauge.
      11 different profiles of metal and shingles.
    • Wall Insulation:
      R28 batt, R40 batt, dense pack R30 cellulose, dense pack R45 cellulose, Spray foam.
    • Ceiling:
      R60 loose fill cellulose.
    • Equipment Doors:
      Overhead, bi-folds, sliding.
    • Many different styles of walk in doors and windows.